Relevance of training material [AWS/Fast start]

Good afternoon everyone. I used the instructions for creating a node indicating my wallet, after receiving 2 blocks and no reward I checked everything manually, it turned out that nothing was specified in the “BeneficiaryAddr” field. More than 150 nodes deployed, how to fix it? Perhaps the configuration written is out of date?
How can I manually correct this error?

I see the same thing in my account !!!
Why doesn’t the instructions work?
Why create instructions that are misleading?
I spent over $ 100 on these fucking servers and mine without a wallet! NO WALLET! Synchronization went on for a week! Now mine is not clear where !!! Why is that?

Hi, did you paste in the user data exactly as the tutorial? I tried recently and it works well. Make sure you have the first two lines including “#cloud-config”, and also substitute YOUR_EXISTING_NKN_WALLET_ADDRESS by your actual wallet address.



  • owner: nkn:nkn
    path: /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/config.json
    content: |

The article is correct, I just tried it now and everything is working as expected. Specifically, beneficiary address shows up in /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/config.json.

If it’s not working for you, I can think of a few possibilities:

  • the user data part is incorrect (even a single character will cause AWS to ignore it)
  • you are not applying the user data to all instances when creating them
  • you run something that modifies beneficiary address after creating the instance (e.g. nknx fast deploy script)

To fix your existing nodes, there are two things you need to do:

  1. Collect past mining rewards. Don’t worry, your mining reward is not lost even if beneficiary address is not set, they are just deposited into node wallet. You can find node wallet file wallet.json and password wallet.pswd under /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/services/nkn-node/.
  2. Fix beneficiary address for future reward. To do it, you just need to put your beneficiary address in /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/config.json so the file looks like
  "beneficiaryAddr": "XXX"

where XXX is your beneficiary address. You also need to make sure the file owner is nkn:nkn, which can be done by sudo chown nkn:nkn /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/config.json. After config is corrected, you can restart nkn-commercial (sudo systemctl restart nkn-commercial or simply restart instance) to apply the changes.

I think this is my fault. yilun explained everything in detail. I was able to receive block rewards. Now I’m trying to fix the error for the future.

I can not figure out how to enter wallet data :roll_eyes:

What do you mean by enter wallet data? Are you trying to put your address in /home/nkn/nkn-commercial/config.json as beneficiary address?

I do not have a file where the wallet should be

My guess is it didn’t work because @zbruceli shows a bullet point in his example text where I believe a dash should be.

On another note how can I make the AWS node load faster? It is taking days and days to sync. Is there a bootstrap I can use to shorten the time? If so can someone walk me through it, thanks

In fact, an increased disk size and increased performance will help as an option, on AWS you have to wait, on others everything passes quite quickly.

The topic is irrelevant, tk. I fully studied everything and the mistake was mine. Now I’m doing the installation directly.

I found this I wonder if it will help speed the download of the chain up a bit?

ChainDB_pruned is unpacked anyway. It doesn’t speed up the process. It would be of course interesting to increase the speed of syncronization.

Yes it did speed things up. Glad I didn’t just give up and wait