WARNING. Do not deploy NKN to personal accounts of Google cloud

Hello guys. Today I rieceived bill(about 600 dollars including the trial period). I don not undesternand it. What is it? I have to pay for Internet(traffic)?Forecasted additional cost for the next monthis 4300 dollars.
I used Deploy NKN Full Node from Google Cloud Marketplace
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GCP is super expensive in terms of data traffic, but that is a bit excessive. I’m wondering how many NKN nodes you have deployed on Google Cloud.

From my personal experience, my April 2021 bill shows that one NKN node costs $66.19 which majority is networking costs. And more ridiculously, GCP has 420 SKUs (or cost elements) for my simple 1 node account, that it is next to impossible to estimate cost for computing, storage, and networking.

Therefore, for all practical purposes, I would strongly advise against anyone to run NKN node on Google Cloud. I only run it for testing purpose, with my own money. But it is just not worth it.

I am from a poor country, and my English is poor and I could not properly familiarize myself with all the conditions. When I got the Bill, I panicked. Now the support team has explained everything to me. I deployed 20 nodes. my math was simple. the server costs $ 15. I multiply it by 20, and I get $ 300 a month. not $ 900, including probation. that’s how it happens

You should have sought help on the forum before deploying the servers, now what remains is to pay the bill.

I am a software engineer and I have knowledge in all the tools of google cloud, if you want help send me your telegram, I will be willing to help you and if possible to repay this debt.

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I need help setting up a node

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send me your telegram

I deployed 10 nodes in GC, the credit of $ 300 lasted less than 15 days, when it reaches $ 0 I eliminated all the nodes and it continued to charge me for a few days.

I save the wallets, I hope they serve to mount new nodes without the need to pay the 10 NKN since of those nodes in GC I only get rewarded for 2 blocks :slightly_frowning_face:

There are two conditions to receive the 10 NKN from NKN foundation:

  1. Your node was already running before April’23 when the team did a snapshot
  2. Your node continues to run between April’26-May’5, so the NKN Foundation can pay for the 10 NKN generate ID fee

Please make sure you have the 2nd point as well.