Deploy miners FASTER! Fast deploy, Ubuntu, Custom ALL-in-one script, your own ChainDB!, NO donation!


NKN network miners need a blockchain database to operate, where every new miner synchronizes the ChainDB directly from other miners, but that takes up to several days. BUT, if you already have a fully synchronized miner, there’s a way to compress the data into an archive, copy it and use it to “fast deploy” miners very fast.

This guide was tested on Ubuntu 20.04 server.

Script features:

  • No donation
  • no spyware etc.
  • Beginner mode: download/host ChainDB and install first NKN node
  • Download ChainDB from NKN org and host it on THIS server
  • (soonTM) Download ChainDB from custom URL and host it on THIS server
  • Create ChainDB from own node and host on the SAME server
  • Create ChainDB from own node and host it on ANOTHER server
  • Update old ChainDB file (only for chaindb hosts that also have a node installed)
  • Custom URL for ChainDB node deploy (fast)
  • no ChainDB deploy (starts syncing from 0, takes up to 5 days)

If you come across any bugs please let me know. Thank you!

IF you are using AWS VPS servers, please let all traffic through the security group like this:


IF you are using Google Cloud, please let all traffic through VPC Network / Firewall like this:


Azure, when you are creating a new server set “NIC network security group” to none.



VPS server size:
To deploy a ChainDB and node: 35+ GB
To deploy ChainDB only: 25 GB
To deploy NKN nodes: 25 GB

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04+
Private IP check (Linode)
Be sure to prepare “disable” VPS provider firewalls!


  1. Switch to root user if not root yet:

    sudo su -

  2. Start the script in terminal with this command:

    wget -O ''; bash


Thank you for sharing with the community, kudos!

need to fix a few bugs, sorry for that, will make it work.

copy paste from windows txt file via terminal to nano, totally destroys the script structure… annoying.

fixed quite a few :smiley:

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This is very good, I was working on a bash script like this, thanks for sharing.

You could add this script on github, on github new users will be able to add commits to improve the script and fix possible bugs.

Take the script and do what you want :smiley:

I don’t wanna deal with github etc.

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This is a great script. Made installation a breeze! Very grateful this is here as a resource.

:+1: :+1: :+1: @no112358

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Thanks :smiley:

very good thank you, could you add a part where the script could autmatically add the node to nknx node manager ?

can’t do that and even if I could I wouldn’t, karma reasons :smiley:

care to explain ?

I can’t because nknx site uses secret api to do that, and I wouldn’t because it’s not fair to take profits from the NKNX team and then use their site for free.

@zbruceli Hi Sir , I’m a newbie planning to add more nodes . I only tested 1 node currently, noticed that has been mining for a week now and still no NKN mined . How many nodes it needs to mine 1 NKN ? Screen shot attanched . Thank you . Capture

Thanks you so much, It was easy and Perfect Instruction, can you please share some use-full commands to run on server to check etc etc

More nodes the bigger the chance. Also there are so many new nodes now, so we get less rewards.

A week not bad, somebody said that it is 1 block = 11 NKN per 3 weeks, unless you get lucky.

Keep deploying more of them on sites like Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr… you can also find 100$ credits here:

to check what?

if it’s running fine, or check wallet balance and node info ?
I have added already wallet on NKNx website and Server ip to , i can see there to info but what if i want to see directly in Terminal ? is easy to check the status any node.

in terminal try this one:
cd "$(sudo find / -type d -name "nkn-node")"; ./nknc info -s
I just made it :smiley: dunno any more

glances aka task manager
vnstat to look at daily / monthly internet usage

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