Web-UI for NKN mining nodes (Windows Edition)

Step 1. Download and install Windows mining software

1.1 Download Windows mining software package

Download the zipped NKN software depending on your computer at https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases. Please always check for the latest stable release, since below is just an example.

If you are running the 64-bit version of windows, you should download windows-amd64.zip, if you are running the 32-bit version, you should download windows-386.zip.

Note: If you are not sure which version to download, please check this article by Microsoft:


1.2 Install NKN software

Install NKN node software is very simple: just decompress the zip file and save in a local folder.


After unzipping, there should be 3 files as following screenshot:


Step 2: Modify and save configuration file

2.1 Open configuration file template for mainnet:



2.2 Save config file

Right click on the blank space and use “Save As” to save config.json file to local file system, in the same directory as nkn executable files.


Your NKN directory should look like this with nknd.exe, nknc.exe, config.json, and web directory.


Step 3: Run NKN node software

Run the following command in a Windows Command terminal:

nknd.exe --web-gui-create-wallet

You can see the output on your computer like this.


Step 4: Create and backup beneficiary wallet

4.1 Create beneficiary wallet

Open the official NKN wallet at https://wallet.nkn.org and create a beneficiary wallet:

4.2 Backup beneficiary wallet

This step is very important, since all your mining rewards will be automatically deposited into your beneficiary address. If you lose access to this wallet, all your NKN tokens will be lost and nobody else can recover for you. So please take a minute and backup right now.

Step 5 Using Web-UI to finalize NKN node

5.1 Create local wallet

Open in your web browser. It will ask you to input password in order to create a local wallet. In addition, please fill in the beneficiary wallet address that you created in Step 4.

You might get confused about local wallet versus beneficiary wallet. Please note that each mining node needs a unique local wallet, but many mining nodes can share a single beneficiary wallet. This enables a large mining pool to automatically aggregate all the mining rewards in one single beneficiary wallet, as well as improve security for all the mining nodes. Since compromising any mining nodes will not impact the beneficiary wallet.

Typically it will take 15 minutes or more for a new node to create its ID. This is designed in order to prevent spam attacks. Please be patient and check back after a while.

5.2 Monitor node status

Check your “Node status” at in your web browser. If there is an orange error message saying “Warning: Local node has no inbound neighbor, it’s possible that local node is unreachable from outside, e.g. behind firewall or NAT.”, it means you need to do port forwarding (TCP/UDP, port 30001-30003) on your home router. You can use a tool like this to check it.

If you see node status becomes “mining” with green dot, it means your NKN node is successfully installed and mining.

Step 6. Managing advanced features

This step is entirely optional, since the default values we baked into the official release of NKN node software can satisfy most people’s needs. Therefore this chapter is for advanced users.

6.1 Monitoring

There are two sections: node status and wallet. And they are all quite self-explanatory.

6.2 Know your neighbors

Each NKN node maintain a list of 50-150 neighbors, and from this tab you can see their ID, IP address, node status, inbound/outbound direction, as well as recent ping latency. These information can be quite useful in debugging, if you believe your node is not running properly.

Note: these are logical neighbors based on NKN’s secure and verifiable routing protocol, and not your geographical neighbor nodes.

6.3 Advanced settings

Typically we do not recommend you change these values. For a complete reference please consult Config.json complete reference for v1.0 [EN].

2019/11/13 06:49:57 Set SyncBatchWindowSize to 1015
2019/11/13 06:49:57 Set TxPoolMaxMemorySize to 64
2019/11/13 06:49:57 Discovering NAT gateway…
接着过了30S左右就 闪退

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“wallet file wallet.json does not exist, please create wallet using nknc.”
how to solve ?

Hi, you can use wallet.nkn.org or vault.nknx.org to create a wallet, and put it in the nknd.exe folder.

I have used a local wallet like in the decription (I used the wallet creation tool on the website as this was easier and dragged it into the file directory). I executed nknd.exe in command prompt and typed in my local wallet password it seems to be running. I have linked this to my beneficiary wallet. When I check the status using the address above it says node status ‘Not started’. Please advise? Comand prompt is currently running.

Which IP address are you using? It should be your public IP address. If you don’t know, you can find out by using https://whatismyipaddress.com/ from the node.

If your IP address is correct but still cannot find it on nstatus.org, then you might need to open ports 30001-30005 so external service like nstatus.org can contact your node to find out its status.

Thanks for replying so quickly. I have opened ports on my router and only 30003, 30005 are open I have used the tool above 30001 and 30002, 30004 remain closed and I am not sure how to open them as they are listed in the port forwarding?

nstatus.org says “Node is Pruning Blockchain” so I guess I have been found?

Yes this means you are all good. And the explorers have found your node. It might take a while for the pruning, so please be patient.

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Thanks for the help.

Hi, Status is now ‘Mining’ I was just wondering if there is any way to utilise more CPU/GPU power into mining? Currently my intel CPU is running at 21% and nvidia GPU is at 7%. I have set the priority in task manager to nkn.exe to high. Also I have noticed that my network bandwidth is not being utilised much at all…

NKN node mines by relaying data, so CPU/GPU usage is not very meaningful. The network usage will vary depending on how much traffic there are in the network (determined by the users), so there won’t be any wasted work. When your network usage is not high, every node in the network will have similar stats, and it won’t affect your chance of mining.

Thanks! I read a bit more about the technology and it seem a sensible step forward to a decentralised Network. Could you point me to any information on mining tokens or earnings from relaying messages? I’ve been a node/mining for half a week and not any earnings have shown at all. I’m assuming the earnings are based on how many messages you are relaying and this is dependent on traffic on the network and isp latency. If you are gong to do this and have widespread adoption it needs to be worth its salt for nodes to remain on the network. Also I’ve noticed that the mining is interrupted a lot by syncing but I suppose that the nature of blockchain. Nkn is the first cryptocurrency I’m trying as from my research it seems to have more of a point to it such as low latency video streaming applications etc. And the value of nkn is attributed to the network you are building (providing the model is sustainably profitable).

Depending what you want to know, you might want to read:

I’ve been a node/mining for half a week and not any earnings have shown at all.

This is normal. Currently there are 20k+ nodes while only ~4k blocks are mined per day, so each node only mine around 1 block per week on average. But this is just average, your network and luck matter a lot.

Also I’ve noticed that the mining is interrupted a lot by syncing but I suppose that the nature of blockchain.

A node with perfect network shouldn’t enter syncing state form mining state unless nknd restarts. So if you are not restarting nknd while it still enters syncing state from mining state, it usually means the communication with neighbors was briefly interrupted. But this should matter much unless it’s doing that very frequently.

Nkn is the first cryptocurrency I’m trying as from my research it seems to have more of a point to it such as low latency video streaming applications etc. And the value of nkn is attributed to the network you are building (providing the model is sustainably profitable).

Welcome to the decentralized world!

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Thanks Yilun!

Help, i followed the structions, it shows a green dot. it says: “chain db sync started”. it’s been like this for over a day. Recommendations?

It seems normal. Depending your machine and Internet connection, it could take up to a couple of days.

ERROR]e[m GID 1, seed list in config file should not be blank — using CMD
e[0;31m[ERROR]e[m GID 1, parse BeneficiaryAddr error: invalid character ‘0’ in decoding a base58 string — using PowerShell

Good day.

Please may you assist. me. my Router’s uPnP is enabled but I cant access the web interface.

I get: This site can’t be reached refused to connect

When I try to configure forwarding (TP Link Router), it sees the above IP as invalid.

Thanks in advance

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thanks, after 2 days it says mining. I have been mining for 2 days now. i have an i7 4790T computer with a basic nvidia graphics card. i don’t see any balance in my current wallet status. how long does it take to aquire NKN tokens, even in small amounts? i know mining can be slow for other cryptos, just wondering how long this takes. Thank you!