What happened to nknx.org and nscan.io? Why are they not working?

Hi guys,

I was trying to access nknx.org portal for about 4 days but not accessible, still today, why?

Also, nscan.io wasn’t loading for today, why? they’re both not working…


NKNx.org decided to close down shortly before new year. So this is expected.

However, nscan.io might have some issues. I will report to their webmaster now. At the meantime, you can use our original blockchain explorer:

Thanks for reporting.

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nscan.io is back online. There was an issue with NKN’s Open API server, which has since been resolved.

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Wow, I was planning to invest on 300-500 new VPS in few weeks and without NKNx its going to be nightmare to keep track. Also, I may need “fast-deploy” feature from NKNx as well.

I think the NKN team should incentivize or acquire NKNx platform, it is bear market after all things are hard everywhere. BTW, most crypto projects are giving incentives to help their ecosystem grow/survive the bear markets.

I told my little brother we should go all in on NKN mining with our inheritance. Hopefully, we’ll make it in the next bull market comes 2025.

Thus, NKN is our next bitcoin, and we’re not going anywhere regardless of the market conditions. Come on, help us get back NKNx working and free if possible due to current bear market.

Thank you for understanding.



We have actually in constant discussion with the nknx development team, and offered financial support several times. The team would like to stay independent and finically self sustaining, thus we have to respect their decisions.

On the other hand, we welcome any other community members or teams to pick up nknx service. I can get you in contact with their team leader Christian @ChrisT.


Sure, no problem

This may be useful, big man.

I feel there have been several quite deployment options over the years. Worth a little digging around. IIRC there was a Russian dude who made a fast-deploy type code? Can’t remember where it’s stored now.

There was also nkn.ovh, but I cannot seem to find the github repo or earlier posts.

Hey there,
Also to give a little bit of a statement from my side:
I ran NKNx for more than 4 years. Initially, it was designed as a simple blockchain explorer which forked into nscan leaving the rest to evolve into what NKNx is today.

In 2019 I laid down what it costs to run the whole NKNx ecosystem WITHOUT the huge amount of work Andrew and I put in day after day to add new features and maintain the servers. Time passed and things came to a point where the mentioned free credits on DigitalOcean, which we used for running our servers, started to lower significantly. Because of this, we switched to a subscription model to minimize the risk of needing to spend our own money for running the servers (in addition to spending our time) with all the problems arising.

After a good start it took around 6 months until subscriptions were not able to pay our server costs anymore which lead to another 6 months where I used my own money to pay for servers. Due to additional hardware requirements, this was around 250€/month in the worst months.

All this finally lead to the decision to close down NKNx for good. I completely understand that some people are upset, some might not understand and others will miss us.

The sad truth is: NKNx was never able to stand “on its own feet” - and that was not because we needed someone who runs our servers. Paying costs for infrastructure is around 25% of all the things that matter here. We spend hours maintaining servers, coding features, and making the user experience better for our customers. In the beginning, learning new stuff and getting appreciation is enough to compensate but when there is no success (or at least a self-sustainable operation mode) regardless of the amount of work you put into a project it is not worth pushing it forward.

I always said that I am ready to share the code with people who are interested in running NKNx and adding new features (so having fitting skills is a must-have for me). But to this date, only ONE member asked me about that and was instantly not interested anymore when I told him I won’t give away the customer database (which I already deleted btw).

For ppl who are interested in the stack:
NKNx is a monolithic App coded with the Laravel Framework (based on PHP) and uses Vue.js 2 as a frontend. The database is Postgres but should also run on MySQL/Maria without any problems. NKNx is not open-sourced and will never be because that will expose some inner logic that could compromise security.

You can hook me up here in the forum as well as on Discord.

Chris (WizardOfCodez)


Thanks for clarification, Chris

Well, I think NKN Foundation should intervene in NKNx situation (server costs and maintenance) because not many of us are hardcore developers when it comes to web apps development, management, and maintenance. Most of us are just Unix/Linux savvies which we learned during our college days.

“Paying costs for infrastructure is around 25% of all the things that matter here” - ChrisT

With 250€/month server costs, I think between 500-600€/month would cover server costs, management, and maintenance fee to help bring back NKNx for the community, hence that’s what foundations are made for, helping the community to thrive.

We as a community, we need NKNx platform back because it helps us a lot from node installation (fast deploy), to keeping track of our live nodes, mining rewards, and even monitor the top performing nodes from different hosting providers and locations. Where can we get that if not NKNx?

NKNx is beginner friendly, yet we can track of hundreds, even thousands of nodes all in one dashboard and without it, nodes installations, and keeping their tracks is going to be super hard for miners both new and veterans (the community). Imagine, monitoring 1000 or 2000 nodes without NKNx?

I’m a proud NKN miner for 2 years+ (bear markets don’t scare me, I’ve seen enough) and I love NKN community 100% without a doubt. I’ve been to many forums, online communities but I’ll only bet my fortune on NKN because I was in crypto since 2012, long enough to know a good project when I see one.

Thus, we need NKN foundation to help the community bring back NKNx.

Thank you for understanding

Bruv, this is too generic, I’ll barely install 20 nodes a day.

I installed 50 to 80 nodes a day using NKNx’s “Fast Deploy” feature.

NKN Foundation can certainly back nknx.org financially, but we don’t have the engineers to maintain and keep developing the service. We are quite tight in engineering talents to develop NKN mainnet and other core products.

Therefore like Chris said, we do need someone with the passion and skills to keep this going.

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Thank you NKN Foundation for the support.

And much appreciated @zbruceli for the tireless support for the community.

Now, it is time for @ChrisT to do his part and consider helping the community since NKN Foundation is willing to support NKNx financially for both server costs, management as well.

Looking forward to seeing NKNx back online very soon. much love to everyone.

Thank you guys.

Don’t expect it to come back “very soon” - more “soon”. Give me some time to talk with @zbruceli and find a sustainable solution first.

Will keep you posted.

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I have a single-person version of the program for deploying nodes and tracking nodes. I am willing to transform it into a multi-user application and provide it to everyone for free. It’s already started, and I hope you will like it when the time comes.

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I understand what you are saying. I have been maintaining NKN sites for over a year now and with the declining value of NKN coins, it has been difficult at best to operate in the green. I am hoping to see NKN value raise in the future. I had already decided to replace NKNx with my own monitoring solution going forward. I have written my own NKN server deployment scripts (I prefer Centos) which I have used over many platforms. My script does the same things that the NKNx script does.

I am now trying to find a way to track awards per server. How/where can I send a query that will list rewards from the individual NKN servers? Nscan.io only reports rewards to my beneficiary wallet.

NKNx can do that as well but only by completely analyzing the blockchain. There is no way of querying the amount of mined NKN from a node itself.

But as we laid down here it is pretty likely that NKNx will come back soon - also MAYBE with all the premium features for free. Stay tuned!

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Is there any way I can help with the project? Should we talk offline?

Is that how this site is doing it? NKN reward analyser (my-nkn.cloud)
If I could reverse engineer this, I could get something I could work with.