NKN nConnect FAQ

NKN nConnect FAQ

Getting Started

1. What is nConnect?

nConnect is an ultimate remote access solution with the strongest security and privacy guaranteed. It provides a secure connection to access your home/office files and applications, even while you are away from home.

2. How do I know my data is secure with nConnect?

nConnect guarantees secure remote access for you from anywhere at any time. Powered by NKN’s global meshed network architecture and unique NKN address, nConnect creates a secure and reliable tunnel enabling all data to be encrypted end-to-end and hop by hop, eliminating the need to go through any centralized cloud server, and never needing a public IP address or an open port.

3. Is your service reliable?

Yes. We are extra reliable and production-proven. We are the world’s largest blockchain network in full consensus nodes. NKN’s network of up to 180,000 servers in over 60 countries and regions ensures that high-quality nConnect tunneling nodes are always available.

4. Is nConnect a good choice if I care a lot about transfer speed?

Yes. From both our customer’s reports as well as our own internal testing, nConnect consistently meets or beats competitors’ products in terms of transfer speed. Often nConnect can fully utilize users’ maximal uplink capacity.

As a premium paid service, you can choose the highest quality nConnect tunneling servers for high speed and low latency.

5. Can I use nConnect on multiple devices?

Yes. nConnect allows you to access all files and Apps on all of your home/office servers and devices through one unified secure connection.

6. How to install nConnect?

nConnect works in pairs, i.e., you need to install nConnect software on both the home/office server devices as well as remote client devices.

Download nConnect Here, or follow the installation instructions on your platform:




APK Download

7. How to set up nConnect?

nConnect is strong in functionality yet easy to set up, requiring only 4 steps and can be done within 3 minutes:

A1. Install the nConnect plug-in software on your NAS device

There will be both a nConnect QR code and access key displayed on your NAS admin page after the successful installation.

B2. Setting up your phone

Download and install the nConnect mobile App on your phone, scan the QR code from step 1, which will automatically establish a secure tunnel between your mobile device and NAS

C3. Setting up your PC

Install the nConnect desktop application on your PC, paste the access key from step 1 to establish a secure tunnel between your PC and NAS

D4. Synchronize, you’re all set.

8. Do you have a video tutorial for the nConnect setup?

Yes, you can find video tutorials here:

Synology NAS



9. How much does nConnect cost?

nConnect is cost-effective.

Pricing starts at $3.99 or 25 RMB per month for up to 40GB.

10. How do I pay for nConnect?

You can pay with convenience according to your preference.

We accept credit cards, Paypal, or AliPay on a monthly or annual subscription.

11. Other than NAS, what can you use nConnect for?

nConnect is an application that’s full of potential, we’ve provided some in the following links if you are ready to explore.

  1. Accessing all local LAN hosts with nConnect
  2. Execute nConnect under soft routing system “OpenWrt”
  3. Control all your smart devices from outside with nConnect and HomeAssistant
  4. Accessing Apple Time Machine from an external network with nConnect
  5. Remote collaboration between Windows and macOS systems via nConnect
  6. Mac VNC remote control with nConnect